10 Best Brunch Spots in Washington!

Washington is one of the best culinary destinations in the nation. So when it’s the weekend, and you’re craving a little something for breakfast and a little something for lunch at the same time—you’re in exactly the right place! Washington State’s brunch options are abundant and delicious. Enjoy a scrumptious mid-morning meal at these top 10 best brunch spots in the state! 

The Maltby Café, Snohomish, WA

The Maltby Cafe in Snohomish is one of the best places to go when looking for brunch! The cafe is winner of multiple awards, earning the title “Best Breakfast in Seattle.” When going, try one of their daily homemade, and renowned cinnamon rolls. Not only is the food here delicious, but it is also known for its quaint atmosphere, and fast, superb staff! 

Americana, Seattle, WA

Americana in Seattle is also a great place to grab brunch. The restaurant is run by executive Chef Jeffrey, known for his diverse culinary interests. He brings this skill to the menu at Americana, with options ranging from Eggs Florentine to corned beef hash. 

The Yards Bruncheon, Spokane, WA

What better place to get brunch than at a Bruncheon? The Yards Bruncheon in Spokane is that place! Their menu focuses on offering comfort food from all over, all locally sourced. The Yards offers amazing options, such as fresh apple donuts, yogurt brulee, and even avocado toast! With a menu like this, you’re sure to have a brunch to remember. 

Geraldine’s Counter, Seattle, WA

Geraldine’s Counter in Seattle is one of the best places to go when looking for home-style American comfort food! Their French toast is known for its delicious flavors, and has even been mentioned on KOMO 4 News. Other great dishes to try is the Geraldine’s House made granola, as well as the Geraldine’s Casserole. 

Morsel, Seattle, WA

Also in Seattle is Morsel, a café-like restaurant perfect for brunch. Morsel offers amazing biscuits, such as buttermilk with fixings, cheddar chive, and more, as well as a unique sandwich list, featuring “the fast break,” which is bacon, egg, cheddar, and roasted tomato jam. The restaurant also serves Sound Coffee, with great beverage options to finish any of their meals. 

Tilikum Place Café, Seattle, WA

A cafe is a great place to order brunch, Tilikum Place Cafe is not different. Located in Seattle, one can order a plethora of light breakfast foods such as Greek yogurt, which includes fruit and granola, baked eggs, and even a sardine sandwich. The cafe also offers a variety of Dutch babies—special baked pancakes! 

Frank’s Diner, Spokane, WA

Frank’s Diner, also located in Spokane, is a unique dining experience. Converted from an old railroad car, this spot is historic. The diner also uses locally sourced products, to create dishes like spicy fiesta veggie scramble, and Irish Benedict- grilled shaved corned beef on rye with griddle poached eggs. With options like these, as well as the classic Eggs and Browns, Frank’s Diner allows you to enjoy comfort food, as well as trying new things! 

Cama Beach Café, Camano Island, WA

According to many northwest locals, the Cama Beach Cafe is a go-to place when they have friends & family visiting the PNW. The food presentation, taste and attention to detail is known to be on point every time. The area is beautiful and taking a stroll on the beach or hike after a great meal really adds to the whole experience. If you’re looking for a new place to try, Cama Cafe should be top of the list—you will be glad that you went! 

Portage Bay Café & Catering, Seattle, WA

Portage Bay Cafe & Catering in Seattle offers great food in general, as well as for the health conscious, with local, organic, and sustainable food sources. Their menu offers the main staples of any brunch: eggs, potatoes, fruit, and sausage. Portage Bay cafe keeps it simple but elegant, while being appetizing and honoring local food producers.

5-Spot, Seattle, WA

Seattle has the monopoly when it comes to brunch, this time with 5-Spot. Located in the Queen Anne’s Neighborhood, it is home to the “American Food Festival Series.” Their menu consists of the classic American continental breakfast, from all over the U.S. Their menu says it all with special region focus changing every few months. The great menu and awesome service makes 5-Spot in Seattle a must try!

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