Harvest Festival

Saturday, Aug 26, 2017 at 12:00pm


The lord of Camlann invites you to attend his summer village festivals, with theatre, knightly combat, puppetry, crafts, archery, and minstrels. Come to Somersetshire, ancient realm of Arthur the king, and visit the colorful world of Chaucer's England in 1376. The pace is leisurely, the scale is small and intimate: leave behind the hectic 21st century.

Concerts all day long! Performers at Camlann are skilled professional entertainers, presenting music and stories from medieval sources, using instruments played before 1400: the lute, harp, symphonie, recorder, vielle, pipe & tabor, and many others. You too may join in with our village dancers.

This Harvest festival features Paynes Magykes, Good Yonge Voyces, Minstrels, freemen training & knights in armor by Adrian Empire.

Craft presentations at Camlann are chosen to feature the kind of hand-made goods that were produced in the middle ages. Preference is given to artisans who can demonstrate the use of medieval tools and techniques.

Festival Food: Our food stall has wholesome ploughmana's meals, pasties, and muste to drink; You may sit down at The Bors Head and order ale, wine or mead with a hot lunch (NOON to 3:00 pm); Harvest Banquet begins at 5:00 pm.


Adults - $10.00 

60 years & over / 12 years & under- $6.00  

5 years & under - free  Feast & Festival - $45.00

No pets - picnics - radios - flash - videos, please