Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest at Bird Fest Central

Friday, May 18, 2018 at 6:00am


Schedule of Events

6:00am - Birding at Badger Mountain
Location: Apple Capital Loop Trail Parking Lot

6:00am - Birds and Blooms on Horse Lake Reserve
6:00am - Songs of the Sage
7:00am - Birding by Ear for Beginners
7:30am - Birding by River Raft
2:30pm - Birding by River Raft
4:30pm - Birding by River Raft
8:00pm - Owl Prowl
Location: Bird Fest Central

6:00am - Birding by Pontoon Boat
6:00am - Wetland Birds
Location: Bird Fest Central or at The Cove Resort

9:30am - Catharine Gill Art Class- Focus on Line and Gesture
Location: The Barn At Barn Beach Reserve