Seattle Parrot Expo

Saturday, Oct 13, 2018 from 10:00am to 5:00pm

910 9th Street, South East

Featuring myriads of educational, interactive exhibitions where you can learn or find anything Parrot or Parrot-related. Exhibitors Hall, Live Animals, International Speakers, Parrot Shows and More.

Seattle Parrot Expo offers expert educational entertainment FREE to all generations to inspire new explorations and connections we all have to parrots!. After all, we can save the world, one parrot at a time.

Fun Activities: Tons of ways to have fun and learn! 

Parrot games: Found no where else on the world, we have designed games people can play and feel a bit more like a parrot!  Help flight club foundation fundraise with their parrot gams--only $0.50 a ticket.  Earn a free ticket just by walking through the door!  These are fun for adults, too!. We even have a treasure hunt!!

Parrot tales: Mesmerized by our storytelling friend, russ campbell and select live birds sharing children's storys.  Enjoy our library for children and experts as well!

Facepainting: Check out the cool half mask and full mask facepainting styles we offer every year!

Test your knowledge: Throughout the entire expo we have all kinds of worksheets, question and answer boards, factoids for you to learn more!

Speakers Schedule:
10:00am: In GYM: Opening Ceremonies
10:20am: Viewing with Film-makers:  "The Macaw Project" with Q and A.
11:00am: Dr. Cintia Garai, PhD.  "Making Films for Conservation." 
11:55am: Featured Speaker PANEL.  Ask a Question to any of our Featured Speakers.
1:00pm: Parrot Ambassadors (Lady):  "The Importance of Parrots"
2:00pm: Dr. George Olah, PhD:  "The Status of Parrots and Tools for Their Conservation." (Keynote at the IX Parrot Congress, Tenerife, Spain 2018)
3:10pm: Bonnie Zimmerman:  "Note to Self:  Don't Tell Guests About the Headhunters (an armchair visit to Indonesia)".
Bonnie Zimmerman:  "Saving the World's Rarest Cockatoo on the Brink of Extinction--The Abotti Cockatoo"
4:15pm: Dr. Anneliese Strunk, DVM ABVP Avian.   "Avian Respiratory Function and the Need for Clean Air".
4:50pm: IN GYM:  Treasure Chest Winner, Daily Raffle Winners Announced.  Close.  See you tomorrow!