10 Best Garden Centers and Nurseries in Washington!

As warm weather approaches, those with a green thumb gear up for the season! Across Washington, first-time gardeners and masters of planting work hard to cultivate the perfect natural space. Whether you’re looking to put together a lush garden or simply do a bit of landscaping, these 10 great garden centers and nurseries in Washington have it all! 

GardenSphere, Tacoma, WA

Located in Tacoma, GardenSphere is the know-all when it comes to gardening! Run and operated by a pair of locally raised brothers, GardenSphere focuses on providing for gardeners of all levels—amateur to expert. With locally grown plants, organic, and effective natural products, this store has it all. 

Antique Rose Farm, Snohomish, WA

Stop and smell the roses at the Antique Rose Farm in Snohomish. This rose farm offers hundreds of unique older garden roses, on their own roots, along with other select flowers. The farm’s huge selection, knowledgeable staff, and downright exquisite flowers make this a wonderful place not only to buy roses, but to truly stop and smell them. 

Bainbridge Gardens, Bainbridge Island, WA

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of Bainbridge Gardens is not simply its six-acre nursery, but its location: Bainbridge Island. Not many gardens are located on an island, let alone also offer a wide variety of trees, native plants, and rare varieties of shrub, bonsai, and even an onsite cafe with a play area for children! Bainbridge is the garden to go to, not only for an experience, but some amazing flowers that will continue to brighten your day. 

Beauty and the Bamboo, Seattle, WA

Often overlooked when it comes to gardening is the role of bamboo. Beauty and the Bamboo in Seattle do no such thing. This full-service nursery founded in 1992 is a home-based nursery specifically for bamboo. This nursery will help educate you about bamboo, and also offers full delivery and planting of bamboo from unloading, to trenching, to installing the root barrier. If you are looking to add bamboo to your garden, Beauty and Bamboo is the place to go. 

Smart Gardens Nursery, Spokane, WA

Smart Gardens in Spokane has a great selection of quality plants, trees, and knowledgeable people who will assist you in finding exactly what your garden needs. This nursery offers the necessary tools to have a healthy garden, from organic nutrients, to herbicides, along with the full feature coffee stand, Smart Gardens has everything needed to keep you, and your garden happy and healthy. 

Valley Nursery, Poulsbo, WA

If there is a nursery that might have it all, it may very well be Valley Nursery. Whether you are looking for container gardening, garden consultations, or even floral wedding designs, this nursery has you covered. Open seven days a week, there is no reason you can’t go and check it out! 

Burnt Ridge Nursery and Orchards, Onalaska, WA

Burnt Ridge Nursery and Orchards has been a family owned farm since 1980. It sits on 20 acres in Onalaska at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, and specializes in disease resistant trees, vines, and shrubs—specifically ones that produce edible nuts or fruits. If you are looking to create a garden not only for its looks, but for what it can bring to the table, Burnt Ridge Nursery will get you started. 

Cedarbrook Lavender and Herb Farm, Sequim, WA

Not all gardens are filled with traditional flowers, some of the most amazing gardens are filled with herbs. The first herb farm in Washington State: The Cedarbrook Lavender and Herb Farm has been producing quality lavender and herbs since its beginning in 1967. The nursery offers over 70 varieties of lavender, as well as over 200 varieties of culinary landscaping and medicinal herbs. Looking to grow and utilize the power of the plant has never been so easy with the help of Cedarbrook. 

Christianson’s Nursery, Mt. Vernon, WA

Whether you are looking for the plants you always purchase, or something new and uncommon, Christianson’s nursery and greenhouse in Mount Vernon has what you are looking for. The nursery not only offers plants, but garden accessories, antiques, and gifts. Looking to purchase or not, the garden itself offers a beautiful environment for weddings, tours, and hosting special events. 

Cloud Mountain Farm Center, Everson, WA

Cloud Mountain Farm in Everson, was started in 1978. The 20-acre farm which began as an apple and garlic farm has expanded its repertoire into vegetable crops and nursery production. The center is dedicated to educating and creating accessibility for creating your own locally grown fruits and vegetables. As a farm, and an education center, look no further!

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