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American Hop Museum

American Hop Museum
22 South "B" Street

Our valley is one of the biggest hop producers in the world. Because of our unique place in the hop heritage of America, we feel it is vital to preserve, protect & display the historical equipment, photos, and artifacts that have long been important in the raising and harvesting of this obscure perennial vine that is vital to the brewing industry.

The American Hop Museum, located in the heart of the nation's largest hop producing area, features striking exhibitions and intriguing displays, and a unique gift shop highlighting an array of items devoted to the history and future of hop cultivation. Since most of the hops grown in the U.S. are here in the Yakima Valley, few people outside the area have ever seen them.

The American Hop Museum is presently housed in a building that was originally opened as Trimble Brothers Creamery in 1917. The museum, began as a dream among area hop growers a number of years ago, but was abandoned until 1993, when Robert and Shirley Banta, a couple from Cooperstown, New York, arrived in the Yakima Valley to observe current hop production practices . Later they invited some local growers from the valley to visit them in Cooperstown, where they showed them the historic site of hop production there from 1800-1920.

The local growers were shown a number of old machines and other relics of that era. Soon plans were made to bring pieces of that equipment to Toppenish, WA. to place on display in a hop museum. We are always looking for historic articles, equipment, and information we can provide for our visitors.

The museum chronicles the history of the American Hop industry from its early days in the New England colonies to the rapid expansion into California and ultimately the Pacific Northwest. Hops were introduced by the first colonists, and were grown on Manhattan Island as early as 1607.

The American Hop Museum is the nation's only hop museum dedicated to showcasing the history of the obscure perennial vine bearing the botanical name Humulus lupulus . We are a Non- Profit Organization, incorporated under I.R.C. 501 © (3)

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