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Argosy, Your Friend with a Boat

They say the only thing better than having a boat is having a friend with a boat. And for over 60 years we've been proud to be Seattle's "friend with a boat," showing locals and visitors a side of Seattle they rarely get to see.

Since our early days as Seattle's Spring Street Water Taxi, Argosy Cruises has been a Seattle institution. As a family-owned and operated company, we're part of the community and take pride in showing it off, as well as in giving back. And we consider it a privilege to be able to share this area's breathtaking beauty and fascinating history.

Currently, Argosy Cruises operates a variety of vessels providing private and public cruises around the Puget Sound area. Argosy Cruises offers must-see tourist attractions, such as the Lakes, Locks and Harbor Cruises and hosts countless weddings, trips to Tillicum Village, corporate events and community activities, including the Christmas Shipâ„¢ Festival, Pacific Marine Research trips and Camp Goodtimes, A non-profit that provides cost-free, medically supervised "camp experience" for children with cancer.


William Mobley

Thursday, March 22, 2018
Really friendly staff! Our guide was hilarious and very informative about Seattle's history and culture! We took the afternoon cruise which didn't come with a meal, but they have a bar, where you can order drinks and snacks. Some of the boat themed drinks were really good. Not too expensive either. There was plenty of seating above and below deck, so don't worry about weather. Also, there were a lot of very clean and well stocked bathrooms on board. We bought the Seattle City Pass that included the cruise. I would highly recommend looking into getting it, if you're visiting Seattle. Good luck!

Tyronus Starfury

Sunday, May 6, 2018
I've lived in Olympia area for over 20 years and done lots of activities involving native american culture. This experience was definitely one of my favorites. The weather was perfect which played a big role into the overall experience. The one negative was during the lunch buffet we could not get drinks including water refills. We asked no less than 4 employees and were told by all of them that someone would take our drink order but no one ever did. We ended up sharing water with another table that had only a few people. Even still I'm rating this 5 stars.

Rachel Bandtlow

Sunday, April 15, 2018
Loved going on this tour more than I expected I would. The base tour is about 1 hour long and tours the Elliot bay area. Our tour guide George, was truly excellent, and it was clear that he was knowledgeable and enjoyed his job. Saw some wildlife and got a history of the city. Highly recommend.

Jayson Sipress

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018
I have to share this review, as I rarely am willing to give a company a 1-star review. But, I advise everyone think twice before giving this company any of your money. Here is my story: My wife booked us a trip on the Argosy Cruise leaving from the Lake Union boathouse for the famous "Christmas Ships" trip and wanted it to be somewhat of a surprise for everyone. Shortly after she booked this trip for our family, we found out she was pregnant(!). If you know anything about being pregnancy- apparently your brain and memory don't really work as normal (or so I've heard). Well, you might be able to guess where I'm going with this... she had the time mixed up for the departure. So, we arrive (what we thought was early) for a ship that we thought would be leaving the harbor at 5:30, rather a ship than 4:30... We were at the boat dock at 5:15. When we got there, the ship was still in the harbor and they hadn't left yet (they still had the boarding platform down and the ship was still tied down) So we were thinking all was good at this point (still didn't know we were late) and ready to get on the boat... All 7 of us! Actually, NO. Instead, the young men who were launching the boat refused to let us on the ship, claiming that they were on a tight schedule and we should have arrived earlier.... Instead they claim that we call the office (did I mention it was Sunday night?) and try to find a way to get help. So, here we were standing in the freezing cold on a beautiful night in Seattle on the dock as we watched our ship, the one that we were all REALLY looking forward to, leave the dock. There goes our Christmas gift... It really was a super sad situation. Now, I figured that someone with as good of a reputation as Argosy would have no problem either refunding our money, or finding a way to repurpose our money. So I tried calling them over the course of the next week. And calling them. And calling them. And calling them etc. Eventually, I spoke with the VP of sales and marketing, who seemed nice, but still to this day (over 2 month later) have not had any luck AT ALL with receiving any sort of compensation or refund!! Mind you, we paid almost $500 for this trip, and never received a SINGLE cent back (full disclosure: they told me that they "comp up" us for the food THAT WE PAID FOR from our initial missed trip if we booked another trip!!?). I asked them if they would be able to honor some of my money by finding a way to get half off another round of tickets (pay for 3 tickets and get 6), but they vehemently disagreed with this, as they stated that this was against their policy. All of this stems from their policies and procedures, which they send you in an email, that states there are absolutely no refunds for this type of situation. (Mind you this is an email that I NEVER personally received until after the fact, as my pregnant wife was the one to set this up in the first place...) Shame on you Argosy Cruise. What a terrible way to do business. I still can't believe that such a big and reputable company would operate this way. Not only will I personally NEVER do any further business with them, but I will also GLADLY share this experience with anyone willing to listen!!

Timbo Slice

Friday, April 13, 2018
Awesome cruise of the 60 minutes of the waters directly outside downtown Seattle. Gave great perspective of the seattle portion of the "salish seas" and of the islands and ships and port in the area. Saw the ferries run across, got to run right up against some big ships and that was cool. The ride was nice. The only other larger boat I had been on at the time was the Catalina jet ferry that goes to Avalon. Nice bar / bathroom. Nice information / enthusiasm by the tour narrator / MC. Going on the deck was fabulous. Probably the best part.

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