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Bellevue Skate Park

Bellevue Skate Park
14224 Bel-Red Road

The Bellevue Skate Park provides a sense of community and ownership to all participants, regardless of age, experience or level of participation.  This newly-remodeled indoor facility features three- and four-foot mini ramps, wall rides, banks, ledges, a rail, a launch box, 28 feet of pool coping and an indoor climbing wall.

Bellevue's first skate park was created in 1994 as part of a Youth Link project. It is renovated annually by skateboarders. Over 25,000 skateboarders have joined since the park opened.  Now there are two skateboarding facilities at Highland Park — the original Bellevue Skate Park, an indoor haven for boarders, and Highland Skate Plaza, an outdoor space devoted to street skating.

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