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Blues for Food Fest

Mission :

P-Patch gardeners strive to educate and inspire all age groups about the joys of organic gardening in one of the 70 community P-Patches located in our progressive city. We believe that by making garden land available and teaching the life skill of sustainable gardening to all citizens, each of us can learn to grow healthy delicious, organic food for our own families and loved ones, thus ensuring longer, stronger, healthier and happier lives.


The vision and purpose of the Blues for Food fest is to shine light on the 48 P-Patch food bank and giving gardens that donate OVER 20 TONS of organic produce to food banks, meals-on-wheels programs, homeless shelters and transitional housing in the city. We also strive to promote and protect American blues music and its rich history. Although the blues was born in poverty and despair, its message of life, love and hope continue to inspire us to keep on digging.

Proceeds from the Blues for Food Fest go to Seattle's Giving Garden Network.

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