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Cat Tales Zoological Park

Cat Tales Zoological Park
17020 N Newport Hwy

About us:

A Zoological Park featuring over 40 big cats (Lions, Leopards, Pumas, Lynx & more). Walk within 8 feet of these rare and endangered species. Guided Tours, Petting Zoo, Education Programs, Zookeeper Training Center & Outreach Programs.

Make your visit to Cat Tales Zoological Park one that you'll never forget!  Experience this rare oportunity to get up close and personal with these magnificent animals.  Choice of Tiger, Bear, or Royal White Tiger


Cat Tales Zoological Park is dedicated to Promote the welfare and survival of all living species through dedication, conservation, and education.  Promote the preservation of endangered species in general, with a specific focus on the endangered & exotic cats.   Provide and promote the highest possible standards for professional zookeepers, animal trainers, and animal care specialists.   Provide and promote accurate environmental information and education for all ages.  Environmental education for all ages to prevent the continued destruction of wildlife habitats and the plundering of the world's resources like the rainforest without regard to the long term consequences.

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