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Marysville Skate Center

7313 44th Avenue NorthEast

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The Marysville Skate Inn means fun for the whole family. Skate to your favorite Top 40 music under exciting disco lights. Check out the latest music videos on our projector. Do the Limbo, the Hokey Pokey, and join in our races--then swing into our snack bar for plenty of food and munchies.

Whether you're looking for traditional, speed skates, or inlines, we're sure to have your size--from baby size 5 to adult size 17. Nobody else in the country has that kind of selection!!

Come in and skate with us at the Marysville Skate Inn--where your skating fun has just begun.


Saoirse Taintor

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
We had a roller derby bout here. The rink was clean and well maintained. The floor very slick, sticky wheels are helpful. Everyone that worked there was very helpful and kind. There was someone parked in the unloading space next to the accessibility spot (handicap). If I were needing my wheel chair that day I would not have been able to unload. This is not ever a parking space. As it were, I did not need a chair. I had to walk far to park though because there's only one accommodation space.

Denise Keefe

Saturday, May 26, 2018
I love it there. It's a fantastic experience they're very patient with all the little kids. Just have to make sure your patient when it's time to order food. If there's birthday parties then you do have to wait. Definitely worth a fantastic experience

Boost Buggy

Wednesday, May 2, 2018
DON'T GO, DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! Worst roller rink I have ever seen in my life! Horrible floor... and there's more! Paid to get in, stayed for ten minutes and wanted a refund. The stoned idiot that was running the entry refused a refund after asking twice. That's fine, keep the stupid $14 dollars your going to need it! Rink is small, ceilings are super low and claustrophobic, horrible lay out. lets kids and people walk all over the skate floor. Complete Joke, cant call it a rink!!! DO NOT RECOMMEND!

Sabrina Carpenter

Thursday, April 5, 2018
My kids prefer to skate here because it tends to be less crowded. However, the rental skates are gross, caked with dirt. I had to exchange mine twice-once because the wheel was hardly on. It was then returned to the rack and I asked the girl to set them aside because they weren't safe until repaired. She was annoyed but the boy working the counter pulled and repaired them. Patrons had food on the skate floor and people were wearing street shoes on the floor as well so I wasn't surprised at how dirty the floor was(wrappers, water from a spilled water bottle, dirt). My kids both brought skates from home that had never been worn and both left with filthy wheels after 2 hours. The owner was nice and doled out candy periodically. This place needs some serious attention. The newer paint in some places, playing good music and handing out candy isn't enough when the skates are so dirty that they are difficult to skate on.

Carol Habowski

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
The skate floor was fabulous. The rest of the place is a filthy mess. Everything is sticky. Carpet seating was soaked with spilled soft drinks. I would not book a party there. Decor hasn't changed since 1980!

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