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Mobius Children's Museum

Mobius Children's Museum
808 W. Main Ave.
509- 443-5669

Mobius Spokane began in 2005 with the merger of the Inland Northwest Science and Technology Center and the Children's Museum of Spokane, opening as Mobius Kids Children's Museum in 2005. 

Now, with the 2012 opening of the 26,000 square-foot Mobius Science Center as well, plus a broad range of camps and educational programs, Mobius has evolved into a major regional asset, with twin facilities in the heart of downtown Spokane.

For this, we owe thanks to dozens of tireless volunteers, donors, and supporters who have toiled for two decades to create a great science center that helps our kids and our region compete in world of exponential technological change.

As Mobius grows, we will continue to stimulate minds, inspire careers and instill wonder, cultivating a love for science and technology among the area's young people. 

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