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Pioneer Farm Museum

Pioneer Farm Museum
7716 Ohop Valley Road East


Your tour includes visiting two homestead cabins built in the 1880’s and learn about the families who built and lived in them. Do the chores that pioneer children would have done in our log activity cabin such as: grinding grains, churning cream, scrubbing laundry, and carding wool. You may dress up like pioneers, get you hair curled with a old curling iron and shave with a dulled straight razor.

Helping with the barn chores includes: gathering eggs, milk the cow (or goat, which ever is available), pet and visit all the animals in the barn. You may even try a jump into the hay pile, feet first please.

Work in the blacksmith shop, heat up a horseshoe in the forge, pound or bend the shoe.

Move on to the wood shop and pound nails, use a bit and brace to drill, spud bark from a log, saw some wood with a buck  saw, and shape wood with a draw knife.

Visit our replica Ohop Lutheran Mission schoolhouse. Rules and punishments for both students and teachers are hanging on the wall inside.

An hour and a half tour from season to season through the forest and the Ohop Indian Village

Your tour guide will help you do the same things that native people did at different times of the year.

The Spring and Summer Village will give you an opportunity to try target shooting with the bow and arrow, match animals game, use a bow drill and more.

The Fall Fishing Village is where you may try your hand at making a slate arrowhead, braid leather, pecking on a stone bowl, help to chip out a canoe, play the plank drum and target practice games.

The Winter Home will allow you to dress up in native style clothes, try Salish loom weaving, grind in a stone bowl, make a bracelet to take home and play indian  basketball.

All of the seasons will show you how the Coast Salish people encouraged game playing to teach their children how to learn, listen and respect their enviroment.

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