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Spokane Valley Heritage Museum

Spokane Valley Heritage Museum
E. 12114 Sprague Ave.

Mission Statement

The Spokane Valley Heritage Museum was formed to collect, preserve and exhibit the history and culture of the Spokane Valley for the education and inspiration of the community.

Vision Statement

To demonstrate the need for a center of community identity

To establish a heritage center at the historical Opportunity Township Hall as it is the most appropriate location

To engage the Community in support of the project

To collaborate with other historical entities


The Spokane Valley is rich with History. From the first permanent settler, Antoine Plante, in 1849, to the incorporation of the City of Spokane Valley in 2003, we have collected and catalogued over 150 years of memories, artifacts and everything else you can name. Putting it all together and connecting you with your heritage is our mission. Our dream has been, since the beginning, to compile everything into a searchable computer database. Now, this dream has finally coming to fruition.

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