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Sykart Indoor Racing Center

Sykart Indoor Racing Center
17450 West Valley Highway
425- 251- 5060

Sykart is a top of the line indoor go-kart racing facility providing the very best in walk-in racing, team building and parties with g force! Suitable for 8+, or 55".

As their schedule alows they run Jr races for anybody without a driver's license or permit. During this session the drivers start at half speed for two laps to demonstrate their ability to handle the karts. Since everyone is started at half speed, you have to wait for the next empty heat to be designated as a Jr. race; so the busier they are, the longer the wait time may be, be warned. Once their driving ability has been demonstrated the karts' full potential is unlocked. If you want to run a Jr. race please call in ahead of time to see how busy they are for an estimated wait time.

Don't let the weather keep you from having the time of your life, rain or shine, come in, strap your helmet on and experience the thrill of indoor racing!

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