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Tiffany's Skate Inn

1113 N. Meridian

Originally built November 12th, 1969, Tiffany's Skate Inn in Puyallup has been family owned & Operated for over 40 Years. The late Dennis King, SR. (1934-2013) and his wife of 53 years, Carole King have been blessed to be in the roller skating business for over 50 years. Tiffany's Skate Inn in Puyallup was their fourth and final roller skating facility in Washington.

‹Dennis King, Sr. & his wife, Carole, will always be in the background at Tiffany's in Puyallup. After 38 years as owners of the rink, watching parents and grand parents roller skate with children every week.  They were ready to pass on the business to the next generation and sold the corporation and real estate to his son Dennis King, Jr. and his wife, Melinda.

‹The rink has always been family oriented and has always put safety first since it was founded in 1969. ‹ ‹

‹"We're very strong on family values." Dennis Sr. states. Tiffany's will continue to be unwavering in that philosophy.

In 2007, Tiffany's in Puyallup started undergoing renovation with new private party rooms, new snackbar and pizzeria, and a lot more with a new paint scheme inside and out. The new pizzeria restaurant inside has replaced the original Snack Bar from 1969. With the renovation in place, it was time to update the name of the facility while keeping it's originality.

In 2013, Tiffany's Skate Inn became "SKATE TIFFANY'S! - Roller Skating & Family Fun Center" to entertain the next generation of families in this fabulous area in Washington that we all call home!

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